The woman behind the keyboard

Carly Lubicz ('Lubicz' rhymes with 'Rubix' and used to be 'Crummey') is the proud face behind Calculated Media.

Having kept a diary since the age of six and discovering her passion for magazines at 13 when she would escape the drudgery of an English all-girls convent school by devouring her favourite title ('Sugar' in those days); Carly's background in the print media has seen her work as a journalist, senior journalist, sub-editor and editor in Australia.

Writing for daily and weekly newspapers, local and national magazines and online services across the country; Carly has covered and edited topics ranging from controversial news to restaurant reviews, uplifting people profiles, must-try walks, transport issues, outback characters and business advertorial.

Her background as a writer also encompasses public relations. She has handled PR for organisations as small as sole traders through to local government and corporate firms.

Now living and working in Townsville, Carly writes for a local lifestyle magazine and some national titles.

Carly also writes and sends media releases for small to medium-sized Townsville businesses, and produces interesting and effective web site copy, e-newsletters, blogs, social media content and company profiles.

Family histories are a new addition to her agenda after she noticed time constraints were one of the leading causes of many stories going untold. By going beyond the basic facts, she is able to bring the story to life and ensure relatives and friends read about their ancestors for pleasure rather than duty.

Carly graduated from Curtin University of Technology in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.

She loves writing more than chocolate. And that's really saying something.

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